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Coach Chris' Interview with Gil Bates on Podcast Business Radio, 2/1/2021


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Making Less into Moore Coaching and Wellness, LLC

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1-888-COACHME (1-888-262-2463)

Company Background

Making Less into Moore Coaching & Wellness, LLC is a Life Coaching practice designed to help groups and individuals optimize their lives. We'll work with you to develop a customized map to find the best you and help you unlock your potential.

Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer.

Individual and Group Life and Engagement Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Fatherhood Coaching

How long have you been in business?

Officially...August 2020. That's when I began my formal coaching training. However, I've worked in Human Services for over 20 years with a wealth of experience in counseling and therapy. Coaching is a very different process than those fields, however.

Tell us about your business.

Making Less into Moore Coaching and Wellness is a full service coaching practice focused on helping individuals reach that elusive word, potential. I help people who feel stuck or may not know what they want to do to find purpose. I also coach people who already are where they want to be in some aspects find that in other parts of their lives. My specialty is helping people figure out their core values, as well as helping them to develop a personal improvement plan. Also, as a dad, fatherhood is very important to me, so I coach fathers in parenting issues as well. The philanthropic arm of Making Less into Moore actually predates it, but the Father Academy I've formed is a non-profit designed to pair experienced fathers with newer fathers and complete a curriculum.

What inspired you to pursue your profession?

My friends have always joked "Chris Moore is my life coach" or called me a 6'1 Yoda. I've always wanted to help people, and at first I wanted to do that as a Clinical Psychologist. In grad school for a Ph.D. in Psych, I realized that I hated research and left with a mountain of debt. I worked in Baltimore with the chronically mentally ill for a few years and in my current day job, I work with older adults. I long ago realized that what I envisioned for myself wasn't treating the sick, but rather assisting the well. My local community college (AACC Riverhawks!) happened to be the only community college in the nation that had a ICF certified training program, so I went into it and loved it. It really helps me to live my core values.

What would you like the listeners to know about you?

That I'm genuinely invested in helping everyone that comes through my virtual door. I want this so bad for people that I'm offering a Core Values special...for just $50, we'll have a session where I'll help you develop a personal improvement plan, a savings of $25. If you are the type that can just get a plan and execute, great, this can be a one time thing. But if you need a bit of help sticking to your plan, I'd be glad to enter into a coaching relationship with you. You can book online at Let's map the path to the best you...together